Curiosità sul Giappone

Top 5 curiosities about Japan

N.1 Robot hoteliers

In the land of the Rising Sun, more precisely in Nagasaki, there is a hotel called Hen Na Hotel, which is run entirely by robots that take care of cleaning the rooms, making food and taking data for check-in. The few human personnel have the sole task of monitoring that the robots are working at their best.

N.2 The ice cream

Did you know that the Japanese have a very different concept of ice cream than what we imagine. In fact, they have many tastes very different from ours. If you go to Japan you will be able to find ice creams of all tastes, such as horse meat, fried chicken wings, garlic or cuttlefish ink.

N.3 The mayonnaise

The Japanese make a somewhat unusual use of mayonnaise, in fact they often and willingly put it not only on savory dishes but also on sweet ones such as panckake and ice cream.

N.4 The number 4

For the Japanese, the number 4 brings bad luck. This is because "shi" as well as the numerical value has the meaning of "death". It won't be bizarre to find buildings without the fourth floor

N.5 Never alone in the restaurant

At the Moomin Bakery and Cafè in Tokyo, solitude is forbidden: as soon as the waiters see someone sitting alone at a table, they propose the company of Moomin, a nice big smiling puppet who is positioned right in front of the customer.

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